“JH rounding”

Good morning/evening/afternoon….

Let me introduce to you my technique – I call it:

JH rounding

JH rounding comes in few variants:

Geometric version:

I taught this workshop in Krkonoše, CZ – read on my blog .


Organic version:

I taught workshop in Prague, CZ, Genéve (Suisse)Dallas (USA) and Provence (Fr)


Version 3 – Indian pattern

I taught this workshop in Madrid


 It is my copyright technique and I´ll not make tutorial before 2020.

The pattern is made ONLY from clay. There is no paint or transfer or anything else – just clay. So it makes every piece the original. Also you can sand and buff.

After you absolve my workshop, you can sell the jewelry you make with my technique. You´re NOT allowed to teach my technique.

Do you want me to teach in your city? Contact me for more information or frind me on facebook to follow my work!

Here are some other pieces made by my technique:


I simply love them all!


Do you want me to teach a workshop for you? Mail me for more information! (yanna.b@email.cz)

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