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This is supposed to be me. 

Completely normal girl. Run of the mill. Neither pretty nor ugly, neither clever nor stupid. What else can be said about me? I have a great family and I am creating. Creating for me is an escape from reality, from the stereotype, and in a way, from the children and husband, but I think that they got used to it. I create only by momentary mood and coming inspiration, imagination and just as it passes through the hands, so that`s why I cannot make things to order. That simply is not me, if not in the mood, do not hand me any colors and all that - I simply cannot. So I hope that you will choose from existing menus that I am continuously expanding – I am finishing up and taking pictures of new pieces all the time. And if you still can`t choose or have a suggestion, an idea, or something else -contact me, maybe your idea will be created next... But I don´t make custom orders, I simply can´t. 

Recently I love to bring out new techniques, which I then write down in my pdf tutorials, which are also in English! I currently enjoy this the most and I am trying to get best at it.

And what else? I have a master`s degree in biology - genetics, from the Charles University of Prague. Since I was 15 I was skateboarding and I even became a champion of Czech republic in 2006, and I took 4th place in the world championship contest series. But as it is said - stop when you are in top”). After I got pregnant, I have stopped skateboarding and in the 2010, polymer clay found me...  

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Thank you for reading this far, your Jana Honnerová

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