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Faux mosaic hollow beads - tutorial


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Available translations: English, Czech, Italian, Spanish

In this tutorial you will learn a completely new technique – faux  mosaic. Compared to the classic mosaic, this technique is so much quicker! In 4 hours, you will be (almost) done with the whole beaded necklace! Have you ever tried hollow mosaic beads? How complicated it is with at least 2 bakes, and grouting on the bead is rather complicated too… My way is really quick and easy. No grouting! Just one bake! Simple way for hollow beads! And you can also work with the false mosaic as a classic veneer, this brings many new possibilities! Try it out and you´ll see you will become an addict in no time. In this tutorial I will lead you step by step to make the "classic” blended mosaic hollow beads, but I´ll outline also some other possibilities and ways to use this technique. 

Most of the accessories used for this tutorials are basics for polymer clay work, you won´t need anything special, just your patience.


Feel free to be inspired with the jewels on the additional photos.

What’s more, after the purchase I'll be available for you as a consultant, so if you encounter any problem - you will not be sure about the instructions or if you have any other related questions or ideas, I'll be there for you and I'll try to help you.


You can freely sell the jewelry produced based on this tutorial.


This tutorial was created by Jana Honnerová, and was not adapted from any book or website.


After purchase I´ll send you a PDF file, which is intended for your personal use only.


Please do not share or disseminate this guidance.


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Faux mosaic hollow beads - tutorial

Faux mosaic hollow beads - tutorial