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Crackle and more - tutorial


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What will you get? More than 50 pages, over 200 step-by-step photos and inspiration for your future projects. Firstly, the tutorial is aimed for the jewelry in the photos (wavy ring, cookie bracelet, boatie earrings and nymph brooch) but the tutorial also includes the overview of other crackle techniques and tips how to develop your creative techniques, plus an inspiration gallery.

In the first part of the tutorial I will introduce the tools; you will not need any special (and often expensive) equipment, no crackling polish or heat gun. If you create often and with love, rest assured you already have the most used creative tools in your drawer, other utilities can be bought for a few bucks or you can find them around the house.

In the second part I will present you with the projects. With my tutorial you can use the instructions to create a complete set of jewelry, so I chose 4 different pieces of jewelry. Additionally, you can complete the brooch as a pendant on the neck, whichever you prefer. Moreover, in this tutorial you will learn the technique of moving flowers.

In the third part I focused on the patterns, I will introduce to you not only the very simple crackles, but also a complete innovation - something like "controlled cracking". Simply put – I´ll give a specific form to the cracking. I will teach you my favorite way of crackles and other improvements. You will see that you will love it as I do!

In the fourth part I will focus on the technique of making the jewelry, also step by step. It's up to you whether to create jewelry with the same patterns and color combinations, or if you let your imagination run free and create unexpected combinations. You can also look at the last part of the manual, where I put photos of other products of cracking topic and I also outlined their production.

This technique has a wide range of applications, the crackle pattern is very simple, yet effective, and in addition currently very popular.

What’s more, after the purchase I'll be available for you as a consultant, so if you encounter any problem - you will not be sure with the instructions or if you have any related question or idea, I'll be there for you and I'll try to help you.

This tutorial was created by Jana Honnerová, and was not adapted from any book or website.

After purchase I´ll send you PDF file, which is intended for your personal use only.

Please do not share or disseminate this guidance.

© 2014 Jana Honnerová


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Crackle and more - tutorial

Crackle and more - tutorial