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Eyelet jewelry - tutorial


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Available translations: Cz, En, It.

Eyelet jewels are inspired by the ceramics work of Matthews chambers ceramics a paintings by Jan “one point” Kaláb. They are playful jewels with one fantastic trait – they whistle! 

The creation of each eyelet part is pretty hard on your hands and the first one won`t probably be the best, but prevail! It is all matter of practice. Although, I dont recommend this tutorial for beginners

Most of the accessories used for this tutorials are basics for polymer clay work, you won´t need anything expensive, just your patience.

After the purchase I'll be available for you as a consultant, so if you encounter any problem - you will not be sure about the instructions or if you have any other related questions or ideas, I'll be there for you and I'll try to help you.

You can freely sell the jewelry produced based on this tutorial. 

This tutorial was created by Jana Honnerová, and was not adapted from any book or website.

After purchase I´ll send you a PDF file, which is intended for your personal use only.

Please do not share or disseminate this guidance.

© Jana Honnerová, 2016


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Eyelet jewelry - tutorial

Eyelet jewelry - tutorial